Cinematography Training

Working with Light

An immersive 1-day training practical course designed to enhance your ability to use light to your advantage


1-Day Course – Maximum of 8 People per Course

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Included in the Course

01. How to create depth and contrast in your shots
02. How to light for both the master shot and the coverage
03. How and when to use different lighting types and how to mould it
04. Learn about lighting ratios and how to use exposure tools
05. How to create atmospheric and environmental effects

Your Tutor?

Simon Rowles is a world class DOP with a wealth of experience working across a multitude of genres, from hard hitting documentaries, dramas, high end commercials to big budget entertainment programmes. Simon has run camera work courses for Sky Broadcasting amongst other clients.

He is the recipient an RTS Documentary Award and a Cameraman of the Year nomination.

“Give Simon an idea of what you are looking to achieve and he never fails to impress me with the results. He’s a lovely guy to work with too.”

- Steven Vinacour, Creative Vine - Founder

Simon Rowles
Director of Photography

Simon is a renowned DoP bringing a wealth of experience from over 25 years’ worth of Film & TV credits. Simon has taught lighting courses at Sky Studios as well as other Verve courses. His knowledge of lighting disciplines can only help you take the steps in your career.

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