Aputure Nova P600c
The Aputure P600c is a step forward from predecessors such as the Litepanel Gemini and Skypanel S60c. It is lighter and ever so slightly brighter than the Skypanel which is very helpful for smaller crews and setups. Its wireless control is very easy to use via the Sidus link app, allowing you to control this and other Aputure lights with your phone or a tablet, which has proven very helpful if it's out of reach and the settings need tweaking. It also has four engines in the head itself so you can have multiple colours displaying at once much like the popular titan tube lights.
It's a great light with a powerful output, and the box is smaller than the Skypanel (plus it has an extendable handle and is on wheels!), this 2x1 panel comes with all of the expected accessories such as softboxes and eggcrates making it a complete and ready-to-use head.

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Arri 650w Fresnel
Ronford Baker 48" Slider
Manfrotto AutoPole (with Feet) (1.5m - 2.7m)

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