Hands On With The DJI Ronin 4D

We have waited a long time for the Ronin 4D to arrive, when it did. It arrived with no lenses as they were still on back order, so it sat patiently in it's case. Thankfully a few weeks ago the lenses arrived and we excitedly got hands on with the camera and it was well worth the wait! The enjoyment starts the moment you get it out of the box and realise no time is wasted mounting, rigging, and balancing your camera and gimbal. Instead, mount the lens of choice (so far we have the 18, 24 and 50mm), battery and media, then switch it on. That's it, you now have a fantastic stabilised shot across the 4-Axis alongside incredible tracked auto focus and wireless functionality built in. This really is a game changer for a plethora of reasons, the portability and quick setup is unparalled, with a 6K full-frame sensor and internal RAW capture you need to come in and see it for yourselves so get in touch and come over to give it a try!

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