FX6 and Venice 2.0 Updates
By Ollie

The fantastic Sony FX6 has become a staple of the industry thanks for it's incredible versatility due to it's size alongside the ability to match so well with the FX9, alongside variable ND's and S&Q modes. An exciting update was demonstrated at Cine Gear Expo and is available in the next few months.  The new update will offer a desqueeze function on teh HDMI output which will allow us to test the Laowa nanomorphs for a really small form factor anomorphic package.

Version 4.0 update also provides support for autofocus in S&Q (slow and quick) mode.

We are also excited to test it's Cine EI Quick Support so that you can follow a log shooting workflow in the same method as the FX30 or FX3. 'Cine EI Quick' differs from 'Cine EI' mode as the base ISO is set automatically according to your exposure index, to learn a little more about Cine EI Quick check out Sony's breakdown here but why not come in and test it yourself in our test room!

It isn't only the FX6 getting an upgrade, the Venice 2 is also getting a small update too with some adjustments to the zoom to fit function. The big update sadly you will have to wait until 2024 for, but highlights include an updated frame line generator, enhanced high frame rate anamorphics modes and an area that excites us is enhanced functionality for live cinematic multicam, offering an improved paint menu and RM/RCP control and paint control even with 3D-LUT's enabled.


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