Glow Up

Hosted by Maya Jama, this season of the reality TV show 'Glow Up' starts March 6th on BBC 3. Over seven weeks, both on location and in a studio, we handled the logistics and transportation and provided the equipment and crew required to shoot this series for the production company 'Wall to Wall'.

To shoot, we required equipment not only suitable for a range of settings but also able to handle the fast-paced nature of the project. Naturally, we chose the Arri Alexa Mini paired with Canon PL Zoom lenses. We also provided ten remotely controlled Canon cameras for the 'Mirror Boxes'; If you don't already know, should watch the show to find out exactly what these Mirror Boxes are!

Of course, all these cameras have to be monitored! Our fully wireless viewing gallery with multi-view monitoring and switchable functionality distributed the feeds to multiple locations, allowing real-time interaction from the production team, near and afar.

It was a real joy to work on this series again, as well as the fantastic team including DoP Anthony Dalton and Director Robin Trump.

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Canon CN10x25 4K Cine-Servo Lens 25-250mm/ T2.95-3.95 - PL Mount
Teradek Bolt 4K 1500 Dual Transmitter Package

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