Laowa Probe Lens
By Ollie Stratton

"A fantastic option for achieving unique and creative ideas on a budget".

Already used a variety of projects, we caught up with Devin Zivkovic, one of our project managers here at Verve, to see what he had to say and how this unique lens was being used so far.

"We found it a great choice for cooking shows, I expect it to make a regular appearance on projects we look after such as MasterChef as it can get close to the product without being disruptive to the cooking process. As it is waterproof we can use it through steam and immerse it into certain liquids easily. When combined with an WCU-4 for wireless remote control, the periscope function is fantastic for peering over the top of elements.

In one shot we paired the lens with an FX9 on a vertically mounted slider for an overhead view of a product and were able to shoot at a high frame rate for a fantastic slow motion pull-away."

Devin continues...

"Pairing perfectly with the Syrup Genie One alongside the A7s or FX3, its an ideal package for getting smooth motion when punching through miniature scenes as well as the ability to repeat shots easily until you get the perfect take."

As always, get in touch or give us a call to arrange a time to pop in for a coffee and get hands on with the unique lense in our prep area.

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Sony A7s III
Syrp Genie One
Laowa FF 24mm T14 2x Macro Probe Lens - PL

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