Livestream kits

Livestream projects are a real joy for us to offer, as they combine many of our skills into a single package. We provide our streaming and camera packages, our crew and technical expertise aswell as our experience so that we can work as production partners to deliver our clients message.

We comfortably handle a livestream at least once a week in some form or other, yet it is our corporate and event focused production clients that are realising new and exciting opportunities that cinematic cameras and lenses offer. Modern corporate streams are a distant cry from the historicly powerpoint heavy events we imagine, by spending the time to focus on the clients message and their viewer demographics are invaluable to creating the correct package.

Offering controllable RGB lighting to promote subtle hints of the brands colour pallete for example, or autocues for scripting are both great way of getting the message across while enhancing the overall professionalism of what can be a low cost solution to reaching out to your clients market or team.

Get in contact with us soon so we can assist you in achieving a fantastic and flawless streamed or recorded event.

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Astera Titan Tube 8-Way Kit
MacBook Pro Touchbar 2017

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