Panther Twister Dolly Training Day

A great friend of us at Verve. is the fantastic DoP Simon Rowles, we were very lucky to spend a day with Simon as we got to grips with our new Panther Twister Dolly and he gave the in-house team training with real-world applications of the dolly alongside building a commercial kit from the ground up. We are incredibly excited to offer the Panther Twister Dolly, supplied with brand new track for smooth operation, gas bazooka option and two seats allow options for 4 wheel steer, 2 wheel front steer or 2 wheel rear steer. Get in touch for a demonstration and check out some of the test footage we shot of our new vans with the Panther Twister Dolly. Don't forget to take a look at our instagram for some footage of the dolly in action and the resulting footage!

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Panther Twister Dolly
SmallHD 1703 P3X 17" HD Monitor

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