Sony ILME-FR7 Cinematic Remote Head
By Rachel Peters

The FR7 is a fantastic cinematic upgrade to the established all-in-one PTZ camera market. Its lens choice versatility ultimately allows remote operators to unlock features such as shallow depth of field and the FX6 sensor inside gives the user a much wider dynamic range to work in low-light situations.

We can see this camera taking off as a replacement for remote heads with a compact camera on jibs or sliders as it incorporates the sensor of the cinema line FX6 within a fully remote head. It has wide application prospects such as high-end remote camera reality shows, sports, and cutaway cams for concerts and other live events.

Its functionality and extra finesse is fully unlocked when using a tablet or laptop as a controller as the user can pick focus points remotely, engage eye tracking or even point and move the head on screen. It’s an exciting camera option for tricky rigging spots and hazardous situations with internal recording capabilities as well as playback and file upload over your network.  We can't wait to see how our clients take advantage of such a powerful tool.

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