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The moment the pandemic hit, filming on many shows halted immediately, but productions needed to keep the momentum of promotion going. Many films were cut and mastered, ready for the big screen yet they were kept on the sidelines waiting for fans to get back into the cinema, the excitment that promoters had built in the years preceding had to be kept up. Our virtual kits allowed talent the opportunity to discuss their latest projects with the press whilst ensuring the quality was not hindered. We developed a number of techniques including remote camera setups, secure web platforms for monitoring and much more. With progressive production agencies hoping to avoid the ecological damage of flying journalists across the globe for interviews, more and more companies are choosing to operate remotely. AutoCue and PortaPrompt setups are built primarily for owner/operators as they have multiple components and there are a number of different ways to rig them, we have tinkered with out auto cue packages to ensure they are quick to deploy and straight forward to setup with our complete virtual kit setups. For your next project why not give us a call and we can discuss how to reduce costs, reduce ecological impact whilst ensuring the quality of your project is not affected.

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Sachtler System 20 S1
Porta Prompt Autocue

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