Working with the Sony FR7 in the field
By Ollie Stratton

We had the fantastic opportunity to capture the brilliant Loyle Carner at the OVO Wembley Arena recently, after conversations with Benjamin 'Loyle Carner', he wanted an aerial camera position that caught the excitement of the audience alongside the stage performance. The Sony FR7 seemed like an ideal camera as it offered the flexibility of a remote head, allowing us to reframe, which is always essential in a live environment alongside the image quality of other camera positions on the 12 camera shoot.

We used an 18-80mm S35 servo lens and affixed it to the lighting truss with network and video cabled to a monitoring position. The results were incredible, the capability of a remote camera with a cinematic S35 image that doesn't require bespoke rigging and camera control systems is truly a game changer which opens doors to creative's and Directors.

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SmallHD Cine 24 Monitor
Canon CN-E 18-80mm T/4.4
Sony FR7

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