Aladdin A-Lite LED Panel
  • Included plastic diffuser
  • Slimmest and very light weight
  • Comes with a standard 1/4 thread
  • Integrated battery, providing 1-2 hours of runtime



The Aladdin A-Lite is a high-end variable bi-color on-board LED light with an integrated battery. It has CRI and TLCI ratings of over 97 for both tungsten and daylight. The integrated lithium-ion battery which can be charged quickly via the included Micro USB-to-USB cable.

This USB cable allows you to power and/or charge the A-LITE from any USB charger, laptop, camera, or battery with a USB port. The A-LITE is the slimmest and lightest on-board light on the market and the housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminium. The light comes with a standard 1⁄4-20” thread to mount to any onboard adapter.

Easily chargeable

Its integrated Lithium-Ion battery allows for a runtime of up to two hours and is easily charged from a USB charger, laptop or battery with a USB Plug via an included micro USB cable. While you won’t need one for quite some time, a replacement lithium-ion battery can be easily bought. The A-LITE comes with a standard ¼” thread for universal mounting and an accessory diffuser is included with the light, which softens and smooths highlights in reflective objects.



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