Ambient Lockit Sync Box (ACL-204)

- Highly accurate time code generator

- Optional dual sync mode, 2 TC outputs

- Supports all used frame rates

- OLED Display readable even in direct sunlight

- 250g (without batteries)

- 30 hour battery life


- Ambient ACL204 Lockit box

- Lockit box pouch

- 2 x TC Input cables, 5pin lemo to BNC

- TC Cable, 5-pin lemo to 5-pin lemo

- BNC Cable


The ACL 204 Lockit is a highly sophisticated, portable, timecode and sync generator, covering all time-code rates and sync formats. The ACN-TL Tiny Lockit offers the same functionality except for sync, but adds variable TC output level and conversion, and communication options. They are the first in a new generation of Clockit products that fully utilise the Ambient Clockit Network (ACN) System via an integrated wireless transceiver. Configuration is possible 'on the fly' via an easy-to-operate, one-finger, navigation system and an intelligent algorithm prevents configuration of improper, mismatched TC and sync rates or unintended alterations to the set-up. Power cycling after adjustment is not required. An OLED display allows instant visual indication of the current configuration and assists while moving through the menu to make adjustments.

Inbuilt temperature-compensating technology ensures a time code with a deviation of less than +/- 0.1 ppm of a given reference over extended periods. All Clockit time-code products can be calibrated in the field by connecting them to the Clockit Controller ACC501 which takes its reference from either a GPS signal, the time code of the master recorder or camera, or a video reference signal generated by the studio or OB-truck synchroniser. Calibration is electronic and accurate and instant, no manual adjustment is required, so drift and resetting is totally avoided.



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