Ambient Master Lockit (ACN-ML)
  • Central Hub for your timecode workflow
  • Access control via WiFi & browser
  • Metadata Server & Timecode Generator
  • Interfaces with cameras
  • Remote jam sync all on set units
  • Creates a comprehensive shot list



The Ambient Master Lockit is a timecode master, just as the name implies, and is used on set as a metadata server. With its dual processor architecture, the Master Lockit is the most powerful timecode device Ambient has built.

Master Lockit incorporates the acclaimed Lockit timecode generator, which is a high-accuracy, temperture-compensated oscillator. Master Lockit also includes the sophisticated Ambient ACN timecode system with features like generator-buffered timecode transceiving. Plus, 0.0ppm drift between linked units through the unique, continuous jam with control and monitoring parsed through the integrated web GUI.

Control Center

The Master Lockit adds control, flexibility, and comfort to your existing Lockit setup. Designed to perform as the central hub in your system, the Master Lockit unit displays and controls all other ACN devices on set.

You can access the ACN control system using the browser of any computer or mobile device via Wi-Fi. This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the specific camera or audio recorder to which they are connected.

Also, you can remotely jam sync ALL units on set, view battery status, set the time, use time of day, see the last clap time of the ACN-LS. This means that (1) ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag can improve efficiency by enabling control and monitor capability from a single location. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on your device. The rest can be performed remotely and you always are up-to-date with your units' status.

Metadata Network

Productions like yours already use Lockits connected to their cameras, 3D rigs, sound recorders, etc. ACN-equipped Lockit units can read out device-specific metadata for transmission to the Master Lockit server. While the internal memory centrally stores and hosts all metadata collected through ACN-connected units, your iPad (running LockitSCRIPT) will automatically sync data through the Master Lockit's router functionality.

Based on the unrivaled accuracy of the Lockit system, the ACN uses global timecode as a reference to create a comprehensive shot list. Your shot list will contain crucial clip information like name, roll number, and start/stop times of each and every recording and machine in your network of production gear.

Browser & WiFi Access

The Master Lockit control surface is accessible from any device with a browser and WiFi. Ambient chose to program this item in this manner so the Master Lockit isn’t bound to a specific platform like iOS or Android. In addition, the control interface will automatically adjust to your screen size. Now you can use your smartphone in run-and-gun situations.

Workflow with Other Devices

Master Lockit interacts with multiple optional devices to improve your production workflow both on set and in post-production. Ambient also provides firmware upgrades for the Master Lockit.

With the Firmware 4.1 upgrade, Ambient integrated remote functionality with several Sound Devices mixers and recorders, including:

  • Sound Devices 633 6-Input 10-Track Portable Production Mixer/Recorder
  • Sound Devices 664 12-Input 16-Track Field Mixer/Recorder with Timecode
  • Sound Devices 688 12-Input 16-Track Field Mixer with Timecode
  • Sound Devices 788T 8-Input 12-Track Portable Audio Recorder with Timecode

The Remote Control Tab in Master Lockit’s Web Interface provides wireless access to the most important recorder functions in the devices, such as:

  • Record Start/Stop
  • Track Naming
  • Track Arming
  • Metadata Entry (for the current and upcoming clip)
  • Circle & Waste Clip
  • Track Metering (with the 788T)
  • Access to the metadata of the last clips
  • and much more

Double Timecode and Power I/O

In addition to the double timecode interface and ACN antenna port, the ACN-ML provides two DC I/O connections for power loop-through capability. The built-in Li-Ion backup battery is automatically charged with external DC and keeps the unit including WiFi up and running for more than 3 hours.

The dual USB port is used for the included WiFi stick, and of course, is available for product enhancements. The Ethernet port can be used to collect metadata from your ARRI ALEXA camera. The ACN timecode port also works as a serial interface to read out your RED cameras and to interface with optional Sound Devices audio recorders.

Master Lockit Portable Unit

The portable, hand-size Master Lockit includes an OLED display that is visible in sunlight. The housing for the ACN-ML includes a bright blue face with abbreviations or icons next to the ports along the sides for fast reference in the field. Ports include:

  • WiFi Adapter (attached to USB A port)
  • (2) DC IN (4-pin Hirose)
  • Ethernet (for metadata transfer, RJ45)
  • IR Transceiver (communication port for ACC501 controller)
  • ACN Antenna (SMA type, attached to the unit)
  • LEMO ACN Socket
  • LEMO TC Socket

The unit also includes a 3-function configuration switch to allow you to push in or toggle left or right in response to cues on the OLED display. LED status lights help you with both status and troubleshooting.

User Interface

The Master Lockit offers menus on the OLED display which you interact with using the 3-function configuration switch and Ambient’s helpful user guide. You will configure menus for Lockit functions in order to establish the parameters you require. Menus include:

GEN Menu – Timecode Generator, including how the generator can be jammed externally, edit timecode values, edit user bits, and compensate for processing delays due to the cameras paired with the Master Lockit

SYNC Menu – enables setting of sync signal format, type, and rate

TC Menu – adjust the timecode frame rate and output

SYS Menu – adjust OLED brightness, displays device info, and resets to factory default

ACN Menu – accesses Lockit Network configuration

In addition, within the Master Lockit, you will use the C-JAM Mode. This is an enhanced jam algorithm for maximum operator comfort and safety. One unit frequently sends out broadcasts to which the other connected devices intelligently align and adjust their clock speed.


You will power the Master Lockit ACN-ML from either of its 4-pin Hirose ports.



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