Angenieux Optimo 12x 24-290mm PL (S35)

One of our Goto lenses for live events as an alternative to the CN20

Name Optimo
Focal Length 24-290mm
Max Aperture T2.8
Close Focus 4'
Front Diameter 162mm
Mount PL
Image Circle 31.1mm



This fully innovative zoom lens is a multi-format high magnification zoom, thanks to the IRO technology. Successor model to the industry reference Optimo 24-290 (and 28-340), the Optimo Ultra 12x is the ideal long-range zoom for high-end productions: Feature Films, TV Series, Live Stage, Commercials, Music Videos. The lens features a totally new optical & mechanical design, offering high optical performance (superb image quality, no ramping, minimal breathing, very short MOD) and improved mechanical stability and serviceability. The Optimo Ultra 12x which comes with the standard PL mount lens, has a sub-mount system in order to be equipped with various mount options. Optically, users will appreciate its superb image quality along the full focal length range, minimal breathing and low distortion and its very close focus.



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