Lightweight clip-on matte box.


"1x ARRI LMB 6x6 Matte box
1x 19mm Swing away tilting bracket
1x Rotatable filter tray
1x Top flag
2x Side flags
5x Spherical matte inserts
5x ANA matte inserts
3x 6.6x6.6 trays
1x XL Black hole donut
1x 110mm LMB 6x6 clamp adapter
1x 114mm LMB 6x6 clamp adapter
1x 136mm LMB 6x6 clamp adapter
1x 156mm LMB 6x6 clamp adapter
1x 162mm LMB 6x6 clamp adapter
1x 156-150mm Clamp on ring"


ARRI's lightweight LMB 6x6 matte box is designed to cover lens with large front diameters with 3 x 6.6x6.6 trays for large filters. I can be clip-on or 19mm rail-mounted as well as including the swing away tilting bracket to eliminate filter reflections.



Fujinon HZK25-1000mm f/2.0-5.0 Lens
GoPro Max
Arri Signature Prime Lenses

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