ARRI Master Grips

This ARRI Master Grip Zoom Set is designed for controlling zoom lenses on an ALEXA Mini or ALEXA Mini LF camera. This set puts a rocker-style zoom control in your right hand, and a wheel-style focus/iris control in your left. The ARRI Master Grips offer handheld camera stabilization with handgrip control of focus, iris, and zoom settings; end limits can be set for easier single-user F/I/Z moves. Camera controls include the REC function, a 5-way joystick, and assignable user buttons.


  • ARRI cforce Plus Motor
  • 2x ARRI cforce Mini Motor
  • ARRI Rod Mounting Bracket (RMB-4)
  • ARRI Extension Tube
  • Pair of ARRI Handgrip Pan Bar Clamps
  • ARRI Gear (m0.4 / 8mm / 80t)
  • Pair of ARRI 160mm Handgrip Extension
  • 3x ARRI LBUS Cable (LCB-4) - 0.3m
  • ARRI LBUS Cable (LCB-F) - 0.35m
  • ARRI LBUS Cable (LCB-G) - 0.6m
  • ARRI LBUS Cable (LCB-J) - 1m
  • ARRI LBUS - D-Tap Cable (LPS-7) - 0.8m
  • ARRI LBUS - ARRI EXT Cable - 0.8m


A pair of Master Grips provide full control of focus, iris, and zoom settings on cine-style lenses, and offer comfortable control of integrated servo motors on ENG- and EF-type lenses. Focus, iris, and zoom speeds are adjustable, and end limits can be set for easier single-user moves. Camera controls include the REC function, and access to user buttons for both ARRI and third-party cameras. A separately-available LCUBE CUB-1 is required for third-party camera control.

The ergonomic design of the Master Grips reduces strain, enabling extended handheld operating; an "eyebrow"-type shield protects against accidental triggering and doubles as a finger rest. This right-handed rocker is one of four available Master Grip options that can be combined in right- or left-handed pairs. The rocker grips enable super-smooth zooming, while the thumb wheels are suited for focusing or iris, or adjustments. An integrated touchscreen and a 5-way joystick each offer easy setup of the ARRI Master Grips.



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