Canon CN10x25 4K Cine-Servo Lens 25-250mm/ T2.95-3.95 - PL Mount

Canon Cinema Zoom CN10x25 25-250mm/T2.95-3.95 PL 37.7-375mm range with built-in 1.5x extender

Name Cine Servo
Focal Length 25- 250mm
Max Aperture T2.95 -3.95
Close Focus 4'
Front Diameter 114mm
Mount PL
Image Circle


  • Canon Cine Zoom Lens Hood (HR-114S)
  • Vocas 15mm Lens Support
  • D-Tap - 12-Pin High Rose


Options available at additional charge:

  • Canon (FPD-400D) Servo Focus Demand
  • Canon (ZSD-300D) Servo Zoom Demand


Canon's latest cabrio lens with a very useful 25-250mm focal range in a compact housing. Just like its big brother, the CN20x50, this smaller, more compact lens joins Canon's lens parade to provide a very useful focal range in a shoulder-mounted lens. The built-in 1.5x lens extender allows Full Frame coverage too (24x36mm) with a very useful 37.5-375mm focal range.



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