Canon CN20x50 T5.0 - 13.35
Name Canon CN20x50 IAS
Focal Length 50-1000mm
Max Aperture T5.0
Close Focus 3.5m / 11'
Front Diameter 136mm
Mount PL
Image Circle S35



The Canon CN20x50 IAS H E1/P1 is a 20x zoom ultra-telephoto cine lens that offers stunning 4K performance. It has a focal length range of 50-1000mm (75-1500mm with the built-in 1.5x extender), making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including sports, wildlife, and documentary filmmaking.

The CN20x50 features a weatherproof design that protects it from dust and moisture, and it is also shockproof to withstand accidental bumps. The lens has a built-in 16-bit optical encoder that provides smooth and accurate control of zoom, iris, and focus.

The CN20x50 delivers excellent results across the entire zoom range and has a low-dispersion glass element that helps to reduce chromatic aberration and color fringing.

Overall, the Canon CN20x50 IAS H E1/P1 is a powerful and versatile ultra-telephoto cine lens that is ideal for a wide range of professional applications. It is built with a weatherproof and shockproof design, and it delivers excellent image quality across the entire zoom range.



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