Canon CN7x17 4K Cine-Servo Lens 17-120mm/ T2.95-3.9 - PL Mount

CANON CINE-SERVO 17-120MM T2.95-3.9 PL

Name Cine Servo
Focal Length 17- 120mm
Max Aperture T2.95 -3.9
Close Focus 2'8"
Front Diameter 114mm
Mount PL
Image Circle 31.7mm


  • Canon Cine Zoom Lens Hood (HR-114S)
  • Vocas 15mm Lens Support
  • D-Tap - 12-Pin High Rose


The Canon 17-120mm/T2.95 Cabrio-type lens has a detachable handgrip, converting it from an ENG/EFP handheld zoom to a cinema zoom. The removable servo drive contains built-in lens motors for focus, iris, and zoom, with a rocker switch controlling the zoom and the focus ring rotation of 180° to be in line with existing ENG lenses.



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