Dedolight PanAura Octodome Kit

Versatile beatury light with HMI and tungsten heads


"Dedo PanAura 400w HMI Head (Octodome)
Dedo PanAura 1K Tungsten Head
Dedo PanAura 400/575W Flicker Free Ballast
Dedo PanAura 7 Pin Head to Ballast Cable
Dedo PanAura Octodome 5' Diam
Dedo PanAura Octodome Small Donut Cloth
8x Dedo PanAura Octodome Rod
Dedo PanAura Ballast Mounting plate with Spigot
Dedo PanAura Ballast Mounting plate Superclamp
Dedo PanAura Octodome Full Silk Cloth
Dedo PanAura Octodome Secondary Silk
Dedo PanAura Octodome Mini Chute cloth
Dedo Photoflex Medium Grid set for Octodome
Mains Cable 16A(M) to IEC(F)
2x Dedo PanAura Lamp Protection Pouch
Dedo PanAura Soft Padded Bag
Spare Lamp 400w HMI S/E HR UV-C BKDIS-4HUV-B
Spare Lamp 1K CP77"


The latest Octodome 5' light kit features a very large diffusion surface area that produces a flattering wrap-around, soft light. The PanAura is extremely flat, making it ideal for work in confined spaces.It offers daylight and tungsten light featuring includes two individually switchable (note HMI head is dimmable) lamps that can be boosted from 400W to 575W daylight or alternatively with tungsten balanced discharge lamps, this allows a dimming range from 300W to 1150W without significant colour shift with both lamp types.



Sony FX3
Sony Venice 2 8K / 6K
GoPro Hero 11 Camera

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