DJI Ronin 4D



  • LiDAR Range Finder
  • DJI Ronin 4D Video Transmitter
  • DJI DL 24mm f/2.8 LS ASPH Lens
  • DJI DL 35mm f/2.8 LS ASPH Lens
  • DJI DL 50mm f/2.8 LS ASPH Lens
  • 2x DJI ProSSD 1TB
  • 4x  TB50 Intelligent Battery
  • High-Bright Monitor
  • Left and Right Hand Grips


With DJI Ronin 4D, DJI's most advanced technologies have been integrated into one cutting-edge and comprehensive cinematography solution, which offers groundbreaking flexibility to solo cinematographers and unlimited possibilities for coordinated shooting. This powerful, next-generation cinema camera was designed and built to be the future of filmmaking. Our kit includes the 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses, two SSD's and four batteries.

  • Highly Integrated Modular Design
  • Full-Frame Gimbal Camera
  • 6K/60fps and 4K/120fps Internal ProRes Recording
  • 4-Axis Active Stabilization
  • LiDAR Focusing



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ARRI Compact HMI 575w

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