Hague HD90 Heavy Duty 90 Degree Plate

HD90 Heavy Duty 90° Right Angle Tripod Camera Mount



The Hague Heavy Duty 90° Right Angle Tripod Camera Mount has been designed for people looking to shoot in portrait mode and is suitable for a wide variety of camera set-ups. It allows you to mount the camera at a 90 degrees angle on your own tripod and is ideal for portrait filming.

The bracket has a variety of threaded holes to mount it to the tripod’s camera plate in various positions, 13 x ¼” and 17 x 3/8”. The camera can be mounted to the angle plate using either mounting holes or the slots; there are 7 x ¼” holes, 3 x 3/8” and 2 slots. The bracket is supplied with 2 x ¼” camera screws and 2 x 3/8” camera screws.



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