IB/E Optics PLx1.4 Extender
  • Extends 35mm PL-mount lenses’ focal length by a factor of 1.4
  • Advanced optical design for high-resolution imaging
  • Compatible with a wide range of PL-mount lenses
  • Mounts to any digital cine camera with a native PL mount



The IB/E Optics PLx1.4 Optical Extender 1.4x (PL) extends the focal length of 35mm PL-mount lenses by a factor of 1.4, losing only 1 stop in the process. We also offer a 2x version. Key features include:

High-Quality Optics. The IB/E Optics PLx1.4 Optical Extender 1.4x (PL) features high-index, low-dispersion glass elements to ensure the highest-possible optical performance. This design is optimized for digital cameras and lenses at focal lengths of 50mm or greater. At wider focal lengths, you generally get improved sharpness and contrast as you stop down the aperture.



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