Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Set Silver Edition
Name Nanomorph 1.5x
Focal Length 27mm 35mm 50mm
Max Aperture T2.8 T2.4 T2.4
Close Focus 16.9" 23.6" 27.5"
Front Diameter 77mm 77mm 77mm
Mount EF/ PL EF/ PL EF/ PL
Image Circle S35/ 25.6x16mm S35/ 25.6x16mm S35/ 25.6x16mm



Nanomorph is the world’s smallest anamorphic lens set covering Super35 sensors, each lens weighing under 1.15 lbs. Its small size and lightweight build opens up many possibilities and set-ups that could never be accomplished before, like on gimbals, helmets, drones, etc..

The lenses feature a constant 1.5x squeeze ratio, markings in feet & meters as well a 0.8 MOD cine gearing. This set is the Silver flare edition giving neutral flares in natural light, changing depending on the light source used. Both PL or EF mounts are available to hire on request.




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