Sony PXW-FX9

The Sony PXW-FX9 builds on the success of the popular Sony FS7/FS7II range of E-mount camcorders by introducing a larger Full-Frame 35mm Exmor R sensor.


• 1x CoreSWX CXV-FX9 V-LOCK Plate
• 1x Sony FX9 Top Handle
• 1x FX9 Mic Mount + Rubber Insert
• 1x.Vocas H-Cheese Plate (Top)
• 1x FX9 LCD Viewfinder
• 1x.FX Monocular Viewfinder Eyepiece
• 1x Vocas Viewfinder Rail
• 1x Vocas FS7/FX9 Camera Plate (0350-2255)
• 1x Vocas Shoulder Pad + 15mm Bar Adapter
• 1x VCT-14 Baseplate
• 1x FX9 Side Handgrip
• 1x Vocas Adjustable Handgrip Extender
• 1x Sennheiser ME64
• 1x Sony Headphones
• 1x Camrade Rain Cover (FX9)
• 1x XQD Card Reader
• 1x USB-C - USB-C Cable (TB-3)
• 2x 15mm Bar (210mm)
• 1x Metabones EF - E mount T (FX)
• 2x Sony 240GB XQD Card


Whilst retaining the compact form-factor and familiarity of the Sony FS7, the Sony FX9 Camera features a sensor over twice the surface area of a Super 35 sensor, providing a shallower depth of field and a wider angle of view.

Other key features of the Sony FX9 include dual base ISO of 800/4000, over 15 stops of dynamic range and a 6K oversampled sensor for recording in DCI 4K, UHD, and HD resolutions. And for when a Super 35 format is required, the sensor crops to achieve a S35mm 4K recording mode.

The Sony FX9 Features an Electronic Variable ND, allowing for the user to have step-less control of their exposure without compromising on their chosen aperture.

Our Sony FX9 camera kits are available for rental and come configured to a very high standard with a ARRI 15mm support package, media, and accessories to enable the camera to be used to it’s full potential. For power options, our rental kit includes both the regular ‘BP’ type batteries as well as a 4-way set of V-lock batteries and a V-lock power adapter. We also stock a range of Sony E mount lenses, E-EF and E-PL lens mount adapters for use with the Sony FX9 – please speak to a member of our rental team for further details.

Sony FX9 Rental from Verve.



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