Sony UWP-D Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Package

The UWP-D21 package offers great sound quality, trustworthy radio transmission and many user friendly features. Compatible with Sony FX9 and FX6 via Sony's Multi-Interface Shoe.


- Sony URX-P03D Dual Channel RX (with Belt Clip and Shoe Adapter)

- 2x Sony XLR to 3.5mm Jack Cable

- Stereo Mini Plug Conversion Cable

- 2x Sony UTX-B40 Transmitter (with Belt Clip)

- 2x Sony Lavalier Microphone (ECM-V1BMP)

- Sony Multi-Interface Shoe Mount Adapter (SMAD-P3D)

- 12x AA Battery


  • High quality sound thanks to Sony digital audio processing
  • Sony's NFC SYNC function for fast channel pairing
  •  True double tuner diversity for stable signal reception
  •  Auto gain mode volume control
  •  +15 dB gain volume boost mode for off-mic audio
  •  Line input
  •  Headphone output for monitoring plus monitor mode for adapting receiver as an ear monitor
  •  Receiver output level control
  •  High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  •  USB connector for power supply



Sony FX3
Sony Venice 2 8K / 6K
GoPro Hero 11 Camera

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