TLS Aurora 24-70mm T2.8 Zoom Lens
Name TLS Aurora
Focal Length 24-70 mm
Max Aperture T2.8
Close Focus 1' 2.9"
Front Diameter 110mm
Mount PL
Image Circle >43.3mm



The Aurora 24-70mm T2.8 is a cinema zoom lens, made by TLS, a company that specializes in rehousing lenses for the film and television industry. The Aurora is based on a Nikon lens, that has been rehoused with a PL mount and gearing to make it suitable for professional use.

The lens is sharp across the frame, even at wide apertures, and it has very low chromatic aberration. It also has a very smooth creamy bokeh, which is ideal for portraits and other creative shots.

The Aurora pairs well with its sister lens the Morpheus 80-200mm T2.8. The Aurora's wide-angle range is perfect for capturing landscapes, interiors, and group shots, while the Morpheus's telephoto reach is ideal for shooting close-ups and portraits. The two lenses can be used together to cover a wide range of focal lengths, making them a versatile option for any filmmaker.

Nick Manly DOP uses them extensively and has said -

I used the TLS Morpheus and Aurora zooms on seasons 1 and 2  combined with Arri Amiras from Verve. I really liked their look and the practicality of a high-quality lens that was light enough to use on a show with a lot of handheld work.
The Vega's use the same Nikon glass, it's got great character without looking " vintage" and a T1.5  Full Frame range allowed me to shoot in low light and some confined locations with high-quality results. They are light but robust and the matched diameter made for fast lens changes without a matte box or follow focus issues, a solid set of primes I have used on 2 BBC drama series since. Currently, the same set is being used by Darius Kondji ASC ( Delicatessen, Evita, Seven) on " Mickey 17".



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