Amazon Prime - Hot Mess Summer

We helped create a brand-new reality TV show this year for Amazon Prime Video subscribers "Hot Mess Summer". This new six-part reality dating show produced by Naked TV begins when contestants think they are arriving for a summer of fun and partying but instead were challenged to run a bar in Zante’s busiest party spots. Hosted by Rylan Clark, this brand-new six-part reality show see’s eight singles jet off to Zante for the shock of their lives! Expecting a wild, summer of fun and partying, they’re soon met with a new reality as friends and families nominate them to work at one of Zante’s busiest party spots, but with a chance to win £60,000.

We're big fans of Reality and what could be more real than the wild antics on a night out, exchanged for cocktail mixing, customer service, and cleaning toilets. Touted as funny, wild, unfiltered, and heart-warming honest, Rylan Clarke brings his usual sense of whit and charm to the show.

Supplying numerous camera packages including Sony FX9's, FX6's and Ronin 4D's. All cameras required wireless transmission to multiple galleries whilst being lightweight for agile movement and camera operation in a hot climate. Working with DoP Alex Took to build camera packages that contained all essential accessories. Alex needed kits that could be quickly shoulder mounted and operated for extended periods of time and then be quickly implemented in pre-lit fixed positions

We supported this production from start to finish, prepping kit, organising the carnet and sending literal truckloads of equipment shipped across Europe for all departments involved in filming and management of the show including lighting, edit support, and art department.

We supplied and installed both mobile and stationary 'Portable Production Units' for the team, allowing the crew to adapt to the location and needs of the show as it progressed. We also linked up all the cameras to the bases with our reliable wireless systems, making sure the director and producers were on top of all the action as it unfolded.

We provided camera crew to the project, including our in-house camera assistants as well as everything to help the team whilst out there 2000 miles away in the hot sun; including comms, spares, and plenty of sun cream!







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