Free Now with Nile Rogers Ad Campaign
We were grateful for the opportunity to crew and provide equipment for a fantastic ad campaign with Nile Rodgers. Using a combination of Arri Alexa and Alexa Mini's with a combination of Steadicam rigs and handheld setups including wireless monitoring for the Director of all camera positions. The day started bright and early, crews went straight into FreeNow taxis to whizz round London capturing GV's whilst the gallery team built a small derig including multiple Small HD 24" and a control panel for the director to switch between cameras. Using Teradek 1500 wireless setups with our Cine7's that have built in wireless teradek functionality allowed wireless focus control alongside a wireless transmission to gallery. Wireless functionality for all positions was imperative to ensure that de-rig was fast and paths were clear for all steadicam operators to move freely and safely. The moment Nile Rodgers entered the building in the morning cameras were rolling, his incredible performance was captured in UHD and ingested ready for the edit with timecode matched across all cameras to ensure fast import and edit synch. It was a real joy to see such an artist perform and were were proud to provide equipment that could capture the moment with the respect it needed.


Free Now





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