The Apprentice Series 17

Lord Sugar is back for Series 17 of 'The Apprentice' and so are the Verve team. We provided kit, crew and logistics for this fast paced series which we have been working on since it's inception. We would hope you all know the program structure as it has been a cornerstone of longform elimination shows, each episode involves the contestants completing tasks or challenges related to business, such as developing a marketing campaign or creating a new product. The catch is that one contestant is eliminated at the end of each episode, with the last person standing being crowned the winner and earning a job with Lord Alan Sugar, the show is fast-paced, full of drama and competition, and offers a unique look into the world of business. Our teams follow each of the contestants so our kits and vehicles have to be fully kitted for any eventuality, whether that is rain or bad lighting conditions. Our Crew vans have power outlets for battery charging stations and other equipment so that teams can be completely self contained. Check out the series as it airs and watch the competition and drama unfold (and spare a thought for our camera teams running around following it all!)







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